Sep 28, 2009

End of September Ramblings

Man I am getting horrible at keeping up with this thing! It's not that I'm super duper busy or anything, it just seems that any free time I have is sucked up by hanging out with friends, reading for classes, or working on my candidacy proposal. But candidacy will be over in a few weeks, so maybe I'll have more free time then. After I turn in that paper that's due mid-semester... oy.

Money-wise, things are going alright. I am already doing so much better staying within my budget than I did last year. And I would have been exactly on budget for September except I bought three semi-expensive tickets -- the football game vs. Akron, Cirque du Soleil and Avenue Q. Each ticket was only around $30 though, so it could have been a lot worse! I'm not gonna keep it up though, so luckily there are no other shows coming up that I am dying to see. This might be it for the semester, unfortunately it all got piled up at once.

Sep 11, 2009

So I'm back

Hey guys, sorry I seem to have dropped off the face of the planet!! I really don't know why I haven't updated or anything. Maybe a combination of lacking inspiration and being busy settling in to the semester. Here is an update of sorts of what happened since the last time I wrote:

1. LOVE my car. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I am so glad I bought it, even if the bills will start coming in soon. The gas mileage is amazing! And it's soooo fun to drive. :-)

2. Strangely enough, I also love my students. They are so on top of things and so into the class activities we do, which is super strange. Not quite sure how that happened, but we'll see if it changes later in the semester. And it's amazing only teaching one section as opposed to two.

3. My kitten died. I had to go home last weekend because she was so sick and we had to put her down. She was only two, which is super shitty and unfair (and apparently I can't seem to talk about it without sounding like a spoiled teenager).

4. On the upside, I may or may not have a romantic interest... finally! We'll see where that goes.

5. I went to the first Penn State game of the season! My ticket cost only $36 online, which was completely bitchin' because all of my other friends paid about $70 on theirs. :-)

6. I dropped $500 on new glasses and contacts. This one caused me to stress out like crazy about money for awhile. I do get some reimbursements from my insurance and also a rebate for the contacts, so it will be nice to get those. But still, that sum is huge! The only reason I needed to get both was because my eye doctor found that my prescription (for apparently my whole life??) was WAY too strong. She dropped me like 2 points, and I didn't want to stress my eyes by switching between the strong glasses and the low contacts all the time.

7. I'm currently sick. Sick sick sick. Maybe it's the swine flu?? haha...