Oct 10, 2010

Week one down, bring it week two!

So far my October has been going MUCH better money-wise! I stuck to my goal for the first week and only went out to eat twice -- once at Chili's for $10 (the boy covered the tip) and once at this awesome bar for our girl's night, which was only $12. I stuck to the stuff I like that's cheaper, which included an AMAZING caprese salad that was almost as good as in Italy! I'm proud of myself to sticking to my guns and not breaking my goal on my first week!

This coming weekend my friend is coming to visit, which could be a little tight on my budget... I'll have to think of some cool stuff we can do that won't cost me a million dollars. :)

Oct 2, 2010

Till Debt Do Us Part

I'm spending my Saturday night in this weekend, since I didn't feel like going out in the cold or watching the football game. And it's a good thing too, since I happened upon this fabulous show called Till Debt Do Us Part. Have you guys ever seen it? It's like a money Supernanny for grown ups! She basically comes in and gives them challenges to help them revamp their lives and get out of debt. The one I saw tonight had a couple who spent SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS over their income every single month. And $2,000 of that was on groceries and eating out!! I was floored. I can't imagine spending so much money on food (and as we've seen before, I spend a lot of money on food...)!! Such a cool idea for a show, rather than people just calling in and asking people for advice. If you've never heard of it, check it out!

Oct 1, 2010

Happy October!

Happy October, everybody! One of my favorite months, not because I love Fall (cuz trust me I don't), but because I LOOOOVE Halloween! I already bought mostly all the pieces for my Halloween costume, on a budget of course! I'm so ready to go. :)

I don't usually do monthly goals, but since September was such a shit show regarding my finances, I've decided to set some concrete goals for myself this month. And here you go:
1) Save $100 towards my friend's CA wedding (Travel Fund)
2) Limit eating out to no more than two times a week
3) Do NOT go over budget
4) Try out two new healthy budget recipes (I already have one in mind!)

Alright, those are all I can think of for now, but it's not a bad thing to start small. :)