Apr 25, 2010

Shopping Deals

Even though I shouldn't have, I went to the mall today. I sound like some sort of addict, don't I?? No really, I'm just super low on money until payday on Friday. But my roommate's birthday was Friday, and I forgot to get her a gift in time, so I had to get her a gift today (*sigh*). Don't you hate when people spend a lot of money on you for your birthday, so you feel obligated to get them something?

Thank God for sales though! I got her this really cool ceramic soup crock set for only $13! Her and her boyfriend eat soup like it's their job, so it was the perfect idea as well as being super duper cheap. AND she loved it. Man did I luck out!!

PS- I also got a new pair of VS underwear for me for only $2, because of my birthday $10 off coupon. :)

Apr 14, 2010

No Internet in Italy :-/

Things with Italy are more or less set and ready to go!!!! I got my visa (nice, shiny and green!) and we had our orientation night. The itinerary for our program rocks- we're going to Sicily, some great beaches, towns with Greek ruins, and the Stromboli volcano! I seriously can't wait.

But there is one thing that bugs me hardcore-- our apartments have no Internet access. In what world would they pick apartments with no Internet?! I realize that it is more important to go out and experience life, don't get me wrong. But how am I supposed to cheaply keep in touch with my family and boyfriend without Skype or a phone line?

So now my thoughts are consumed by trying to figure out ways to call home that aren't going to cost me an arm and a leg, because there are wayyyy better things to be spending my money on than a prepaid Italian cell phone that will cost me 98762094353 dollars to call home with.

If you guys have been abroad recently, what did you do?

Apr 13, 2010

Is this semester over yet?

I cannot wait until May. I am busy to the point of BREAKDOWN over here. There have been tears, there have been panic attacks. Sometimes I am not sure allllll of this work will get done. And the worst part is, the presentation I'm doing at the conference? My data is shit and I've got nothing. ARGH.

In good news, my friends from college are coming this weekend to visit!! I am a little nervous about losing a whole weekend, but it'll be so good to have them all over to hang out. :-)

Oh and ps- If you ever find yourself at a fancy restaurant for wine tasting, make sure you don't also drop $50 on dinner. Just sayin'-- learn from my mistakes.