Jul 2, 2008

June is over...

I think I'm still in shock that June is already over. My summer is passing way too quick, and it's a little depressing. *sigh* Ah well, at least June was a good month budget wise!

Income: $1,300 expected/$1,330 actual

Loan Payment $155/$155
Gas $135/$159 -- I budgeted a little extra after last months gas fiasco, but still went over. But it's alright, at least I didn't double my expected amount!
Cell Phone $25/$25
Fun Money $45/$42 -- Yesss, under!
Dining Out Challenge $75/$72 -- Also under!
Netflix $15/$15
Misc. $50/$70 -- I couldn't resist VS's semi-annual sale. Plus I needed to buy supplies for the tree I bought in FL.

$750/$792 -- I split the dough evenly between my emergency and car repair funds. :)