Aug 18, 2009

Random stuff

I really am too tired to organize my thoughts into a cohesive blog entry today, so just bear with me.

a) I was thinking about it today, and I managed to get all the necessary items to fully furnishe and decorate my room in my new apartment for just over 120 bucks!

b) I sold my second item on Craigslist- a dresser that the old girl left here when she moved out. I got 11 emails within 3 hours... I love selling things in State College! My roommate and I are going out to dinner with the $25.

c) When I moved in, I wasn't aware I had to pay for my parking spot. It's $150 a semester... ouch! :-/ I suppose I should have asked, but at my last apartment it was free so I didn't think of it.

d)I had to buy Skype credit today for the first time in who knows how long. My cell phone is roaming inside the apartment and even outside on the street, so I can only use it for texting. This is pretty lame, but I can't get a new phone just yet.

e) I forgot how glad I am to shop for my own groceries and cook for myself! All summer I just ate whatever my mom would buy at home and packed on the pounds. Now it's time to go back to healthy fun food. :-)


Serendipity said...

I hate when phones do that. My old one did that often. Do you need a certain provider for your area?