Nov 3, 2009

Cool Food Study

Remember how I posted once about how much I love getting paid for experiments? Seriously, one of the best parts about going to a big research school. Today I signed up to do a food study, and it seems really sweet. All I have to do is go to the lab once a week for all three meals and I get paid $75! I mean, really?! I love food, I love money, how is this a bad thing? Plus, it'll almost be like I'm getting paid more than that since I won't have to buy my own food. Today I went in to taste-test some of the stuff, and it seemed pretty normal (and really tasty!). I also filled out a big pamphlet about my eating habits and attitudes, so they'll call me tomorrow to let me know if I'm in. I'm a bit nervous they won't take me though, because even though I think my eating habits are perfectly normal, sometimes other people don't seem to think so. But I guess we'll see, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! ($75 wow!)


me in millions said...

I signed up with this company that does product testing. It sounds similar. It pays $75 a session if you prequalify for the criteria they are looking far. So far I haven't, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Serendipity said...

I never thought to sign up for this kinda stuff. What a cool way for some snowflakes here and there.