Mar 8, 2010

Man, living out your dreams can be expensive :-P

In only 7 more days I'll find out for sure if I get to go to Italy or not!! I'm already registered for classes there and already got my summer tuition assistance approved, but it won't all be formalized until March 15. I assume I'll be accepted but you all know what they say about assuming... haha.

I know I told you guys before how this trip will be hella expensive, but I was kind of hiding the details. So here's the truth: it's going to cost me about $5,100. Yes, you read that right... five THOUSAND. *sigh* Basically, I have enough in my travel fund + my tax refund to cover the program fee ($2,695) and the flight if I can get a good deal($1,000). But I still need to scrape up about $1,000 for food, going out, and souvenirs/clothes/whatever.

But I have a plan! Well, two plans:
a) Sublet my apartment for June and July. Finding someone is already in the works, but no biters yet. If I can do this, then the only bills I'll have to pay for those two months are my car and student loan payments.
b) We get a scholarship every summer from the department... at least $3,500 but sometimes more. Even if I use $1,000 out of it, I'll still have leftover money to refill my EF like I plan to.


Ginger said...

It sounds like you're going there for at least 2 months?

If so, then the trip isn't expensive at all!

You're going to another country with a higher cost of living for an extended period of time. You're taking courses there. You have to fly there. I'd say you're paying a fair price.

Don't worry TOO much about the cost of things. Be smart, but don't let the spending get you down, it's going to happen! This really is a once in a lifetime experience and you don't want to have any regrets. This is why you save your money, so you can live your dreams!

Take it from a seasoned traveler.

Anonymous said...

My only regret from school is that I didn't study abroad. Enjoy!

ashley said...

Ginger-- I am definitely going!!! I'm bummed about the price tag, but nothing at this point will deter me! :) I already studied abroad once as an undergrad, and it was the best thing I've ever done.
chitownreader- thanks!!

Anonymous said...