May 10, 2010

SUMMER! Finally!

My semester has FINALLY come to an end! And I am proud to report that I got A's in two of my classes, with the third grade still to come. :-) Now it's time for the lazy days... reading, sitting in the sunshine, and studying Italian. I'm at home for a week, back up at school with the boyfriend for another week, and then home for 3 more weeks until it's time to go to Europe!

One goal of mine before I leave for Italy (besides learning 2 semesters worth of Italian) is to work out more. I'm so out of shape it's ridiculous. Can't even run for a minute before I can't breathe and get dizzy. That's insane (and really embarrassing to admit, actually)! I've been trying to work out every day though, something cardio and then followed by a full body weight-lifting session. So we'll see if I make it the full month until mid-June!