Jun 8, 2010

Bad PF Blogger

You know, lately I’ve been feeling like a “bad” PF blogger. I mean, since I started this blog, I made goals to pay down my student loan debt, and didn’t achieve them. I went out and bought a brand new car (granted with a 0% interest loan and $5,500 off, but still). And NOW I’m spending my entire travel fund + on one 6 week trip to Italy. Even though I’m not upset about these things, sometimes I feel like one of those irresponsible people that many PF bloggers write about with disdain. You know, “How dare you take a 6 week vacation/trip when you have all this debt?”

But isn’t part of personal finance about freedom and happiness? Isn’t that why we take care of our money, so that we don’t have to give up on the things we like best in life? I guess people can call me irresponsible, but I am a firm believer in doing what you want to do. What’s the point of dreaming about things if you never do them? I'll be the first to admit I am probably doing things backwards. In paper form, it's definitely pay down debt first, travel later. But my reasoning is- how can you pass up a chance to fulfill three life goals in one shot, especially when you aren't going to go into extra debt to do it? I mean really, how?


Serendipity said...

I don't understand how you think your a bad pf blogger. You know what? After I started my debt journey, I too went out and bought a new car. I kicked myself for awhile but you know what? Depsite some minor hiccups, I really love my car and my payment is pretty low compared to some other people. I also take little trips here and there and I'd really like to go to Florida for awhile this fall. Doesn't make me a bad pf blogger. Pf is personal and everyone is different and I totally agree with you. It's about having freedom.

ashley said...

Ok good, that makes me feel a little better. I am totally happy with my choices, I guess I just let guilt get ahold of me. Thanks. :)