Jun 4, 2008

June Goals

So June is off to a good start so far! I know it's only been four days, but still... I'm excited about doing well this month. Plus I have some fun things planned! Anyway, since it seems that the secret to success sometimes lies in baby steps, here are some baby goals that I can hopefully achieve in June.

-Walk to work at least 10 times
(I will be off for a week for my vacation and will only work 15 days this month)
-Save as much money as possible on my car insurance (My 6-month premium is due this month- I'll have to shop around some and see what deals I can find, because I think I pay too much)
-Stick to my budget for my Florida trip ($550)
-June Dining Out Challenge ($75)

So far, so good... I've already walked to work twice (today it rained) and barely chipped into my dining out money. Hopefully I can keep up the good work! :)


Canadian Saver said...

Good luck with your goals! Sounds like you have a great month of June planned :-)

SavingDiva said...

You'll get addicted to walking to work! I love it! I used to bike...but I started walking and it's so much less of a hurry...plus, I can walk on the sidewalk and don't have to deal with drivers with road rage.