Oct 1, 2008

October Goals

Well, it's October now, and since I overspent hardcore last month, I'm going to set some budget goals for this month. Hopefully this month I can stay on track!

October Goals:
1. Don't spend more than $40 a week on entertainment/dining out. This is a lot of money each week to be spending, but last month I went wayyyy over this. It's depressing, but this month I will do better.
2. Try not to waste food so much. I have been trying a whole bunch of fun new recipes lately, which unfortunately never turn out well. Usually I'll make enough for a whole week of leftovers, but if I don't like the recipe, it doesn't get eaten. I am going to still experiment, but half the recipes so that if I don't like it, I'm not throwing my money away.
3. Have some money left over at the end of the month to put into my IRA. Now that I have my IRA all set up and ready to go, I am excited to start putting more money into it!


SavingDiva said...

I'm going to try to start contributing to my IRA again in November...but October...man, I have to spend a lot of money on car stuff!

JR Moreau said...

Keep up the cooking! You'll get it right soon!

My IRA got a lot of money whenever I had it. Times have been tight so I've neglected it.