May 30, 2009

No Clothes June

I have been doing so much clothes shopping lately, and honestly, I'm kind of tired of it. As far as I can tell, I have everything I need and then some, so I need to STOP. Ergo... my goal for June? Not to buy any item of clothing (including shoes, jewelry and underwear). My credit card bill is uber high this month and I definitely cannot have a repeat next month. I can think of a million and one different things that my money can be used for other than buying a bunch of clothes that I'll just give away in a few years anyway. I'm not gonna lie, this is going to be a hard one to stick to. I need a kick in the butt though, and I'm not going to let myself mess up this goal.


The Executioner said...

The title of this entry could easily be misinterpreted!

Why do you think it is so hard for some people to forego clothing/shoe purchases, while others can go for months (or years) without the desire to buy new clothing?

I haven't bought myself much of anything in the way of new clothes or shoes in a very long time, nor have I had the inclination to go shopping. My wife, however, constantly has the itch to get new clothes, shoes, etc. She rarely gives in, but admits that she often feels the temptation.

Money Dieter said...

How did you add that "My Money" section to your blog? I want to put one up on my blog but am not sure how to. Thanks.