May 14, 2009

This could have been dangerous...

Today I got an email from VS, saying that they are having a special pre-sale for the semi-annual sale (danger danger!). I was worried that I would be tempted to spend too much, considering the only thing I love more than the pretty things from VS are those pretty things on sale! So, needless to say, the semi-annual sale is my best friend. But don't worry, I only bought four things, and I'm pretty proud of myself! To make it all even better, everything was half the price of the original, AND I used a coupon to save more. The damage was under $40 including shipping... not too shabby! Thank you, semi-annual sale!


Frugalchick said...

Sounds like you got some good deals!

If you ever need a basic bra and don't feel like paying VS prices, check out gilligan O'Malley at Target. They are great and very inexpensive.