Jul 1, 2009

"No Clothes June" was a Success!

My June goal to not buy any clothing or accessories in June was successful!! I made it the whole month without buying anything unnecessary. And the cool thing was, since I made it an official goal for myself instead of just thinking “oh I should stop buying so many clothes,” it wasn’t so hard! I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I was seriously tempted when delia’s sent me their clearance catalog full of cute discounted things, but I managed to make it through the month without much difficulty. I will have to try this again sometime in the future!


me in millions said...

Congrats! That was my June goal too. I made it too!!!!

Frugalchick said...


HighClassLowIncome said...

Congratulations! I've received tons of emails from websites with awesome 4th of July sales but I've been trying my best to fight temptation.