Oct 21, 2009

FINALLY cancelled my Sears Card

So I bit the bullet and finally got rid of my Sears card. It was the first "real" credit card I ever got, but I really just wasn't happy with it. I feel like they played games, always changing the due dates and then charging super high late fees. I haven't been using it for the last few years except maybe a small purchase once a year. So today was the day I decided to cancel. I'm most likely not going to need credit for the next few years... just bought my new car, DEFINITELY not going to buy a house, and I have four more guaranteed years of funding at school. So I feel like now was a good time to cancel the card, in case my credit score does take a hit. But overall I'm happy, because now my credit card count has gone down to 3, which is a much better number for someone my age.


me in millions said...

Sounds like you've given it some serious thought. As long as you def have some years to rebound, you're probably okay.

Serendipity said...

Your fine. Rambo cancelled that one years ago and so far, it hasn't really impacted him at all. He, like you, did buy a new car, so I'm sure that balanced everything out. :)

P.S Thank you for voting, it means alot to me. :)

Canadian Saver said...

I need to cancel mine too, as I never, ever use it. In fact, it's cut up, so I couldn't even use it in store, even if I wanted!

Good job!