Oct 15, 2009

Snow. Blah.

First off, I'd like to mention that it's snowing. IN OCTOBER. I think this is completely unacceptable... I can only imagine how bad this winter will be if we have our first snow already. We apparently broke a State College record even for the earliest snowfall... one that's been in place since 1901! Oy.

Speaking of winter, I'm going to need to shell out some precious cash and buy some snowboots. I don't own a single pair of waterproof shoes, and unfortunately the closest thing I have are leather boots with heels. I made due with those last year, but considering I'll probably be living here for the next four years, I figure I should make the investment. Does anyone know of some good but (very) inexpensive brands of snowboots?


Ginger said...

Don't know any specific brands, but Sears is usually a good place to look for practical boots.

Good luck!

me in millions said...

Snow? Yuck! Good luck this winter!