Dec 9, 2009

Roommate Drama!!

Last Friday we got our lease renewal letters in the mail, and on Saturday morning my roommate came to talk to me about it. She decided she wants her boyfriend to move in here, which basically means I'm out. I wasn't mad or anything, even though I love this apartment and would like to stay here, because honestly-- I saw it coming. He practically lives with us now! It's just annoying to have to find a new place and move and stuff, and I was kind of hoping they'd move out and find their own new place together.

So anyway, cut to Monday-- EVERYONE in the department is talking about us. I guess she went running her mouth off to everyone about how mad I was at her (I only told the boy and my best friend here), and everyone else was mad at her for "kicking me out without a legal right to do so." Seriously, people were calling me over and telling me how I'm such a pushover and I should fight her for the apartment and all this crap, and she came home crying last night because people were saying mean things about her. I mean, really??? It's not worth it to make enemies over an apartment! Plus I absolutely hate drama of any kind and always stay out of it, but now somehow I'm stuck in the middle of the drama of the semester!!!! Argh!


HighClassLowIncome said...

Sounds like she loves the attention! It's her fault that people know about it anyway since she opened her mouth. I would just ignore her and move out ASAP.. I'm sorry that you have to go through that!