Feb 6, 2010

I kicked the snow's ass AND got my tax return!

Snowpocalypse (I have to use this name as much as possible because it amuses me immensely) will not keep me down! I kind of missed the memo that a snowstorm was coming, because apparently I live under a rock, and woke up with no food in my apartment. So today I traipsed through 15 inches of mostly unplowed, unshoveled snow to get some groceries (only $14 for all next week, not bad!), and returned home the conquering hero.

And when I finally did make it back home, it was like Christmas all over again! I got a package that I had bought from Ebay, an American Eagle gift card that I got from my credit card rewards, and $1,322 in my bank account from Uncle Sam. Again... Christmas! Unfortunately, that money is not sticking around for very long at all. I am using $1,000 of it to pay for the program deposit for Italy, $137 of it for stupid medical bills that my insurance didn't cover, and putting the rest in my EF. But you know what, I didn't have to take out of savings to cover any of that stuff, and that in itself deserves a little happy dance. That and the fact that I now have food.


me in millions said...

I think the term "snowpocalypse" is hilarious as well. I'm glad you got food! We're going to be stuck inside for awhile longer I think. And I'm sooo bored! Blah!

The Executioner said...

I thought the cool term was "snowmageddon".

And I love how 2 feet of snow in the North is a "winter storm", but the same in the middle/southern part of the country is a "snowpocalypse".

Anonymous said...

every good turn deserves another :)
I'm sure you will be blessed greatly for not turning around and spending the money unwisely :)
Have a great day!