Feb 1, 2010

Happy February!

I am so excited that it is February already. Only one more nasty nasty winter month to get through, and then it should lessen up a bit before spring comes!!!! :-)

In the spirit of saving money for my Italy trip, the boy and I had a fun, cheap weekend this time around. We went to Wegman's on Saturday for this free Food and Beer Pairing festival thinger. You didn't have to pay anything and they gave you all kinds of food samples and some beer to go with it. Most of the food was really great, even if the beer was a bit questionable at times. My favorite was this artichoke & asiago cheese dip-- amazing! And we got a free lunch out of the deal. Fri and Sat night we stayed in, cooked dinner and watched movies. It has been a nice long time since I had such a relaxing weekend-- usually I have so much work to do. But this time around there wasn't much at all!