Apr 14, 2010

No Internet in Italy :-/

Things with Italy are more or less set and ready to go!!!! I got my visa (nice, shiny and green!) and we had our orientation night. The itinerary for our program rocks- we're going to Sicily, some great beaches, towns with Greek ruins, and the Stromboli volcano! I seriously can't wait.

But there is one thing that bugs me hardcore-- our apartments have no Internet access. In what world would they pick apartments with no Internet?! I realize that it is more important to go out and experience life, don't get me wrong. But how am I supposed to cheaply keep in touch with my family and boyfriend without Skype or a phone line?

So now my thoughts are consumed by trying to figure out ways to call home that aren't going to cost me an arm and a leg, because there are wayyyy better things to be spending my money on than a prepaid Italian cell phone that will cost me 98762094353 dollars to call home with.

If you guys have been abroad recently, what did you do?


Ginger said...

A lot of Europeans use internet cafes over there. They're not hard to find and are relatively cheap. I know when I was in Ireland it was about 1 Euro for an hour which was plenty of time to get the essentials done.

As for calls, doing the prepaid thing, or having your family call you may be the best route. I'm sure whomever is organizing your trip will have some tips!

Canadian Saver said...

I lucked out last time as our apartment had free wireless AND free calls to North America. This time around, I will have a phone and free internet, but not free long distance.

I am going to buy a long distance card for calling home in case of an emergency, but only a cheap one that can be bought in a bar... the rest of the time I'll preset a time for my friends and/or family to call me since they can dial a whole bunch of numbers from their home phones and only pay like 3 cents/minute.

When you go to bigger cities, there will definitely be places where you can get free wireless!

The trip sounds so exciting :-)