Apr 25, 2010

Shopping Deals

Even though I shouldn't have, I went to the mall today. I sound like some sort of addict, don't I?? No really, I'm just super low on money until payday on Friday. But my roommate's birthday was Friday, and I forgot to get her a gift in time, so I had to get her a gift today (*sigh*). Don't you hate when people spend a lot of money on you for your birthday, so you feel obligated to get them something?

Thank God for sales though! I got her this really cool ceramic soup crock set for only $13! Her and her boyfriend eat soup like it's their job, so it was the perfect idea as well as being super duper cheap. AND she loved it. Man did I luck out!!

PS- I also got a new pair of VS underwear for me for only $2, because of my birthday $10 off coupon. :)


SavingDiva said...

I love VS $10 off coupons! I'm also a big fan of the free underwear coupons! Ok...I'm just a big fan of shopping!