Sep 24, 2008


Earlier this week I received a notice from AES saying that my loan has been deferred, when I didn't even ask for it to be! When I called to ask who had put that through, they told me it is state law that when they receive enrollment information from a university, the loan has to be deferred. I got a little snippy with the guy on the phone, considering this is my own loan and last time I checked, I am responsible enough to make choices regarding it. He told me I should write a letter asking for the deferment to be taken away, and they should put it back to normal. All I have to say is, they'd better.

This just makes me so angry, because they are obviously just trying to suck as much interest money as possible out of people. If you have the means to pay your bill each month, you should have every right to keep it under a normal status and keep paying it off. There's no reason for them to defer it without even asking. If people need a deferrment, they will ask for it themselves.


JR Moreau said...

Hi Ashley,

I believe you can make payments in deferment. I'm not sure if they have to be interest only or not.

That stinks that they can make this "rule." Maybe if the credit implosion happens we won't have to pay our loans back anyways ;-)