Nov 29, 2008


Tonight I went to an Enter the Haggis concert in Philly with a friend. They haven't been in our area in such a long time, so it was cool to see them again. It was a really great show, and they played a bunch of my favorites all right in a row. Of course we were right up in the front row, being the little groupies that we are. Brian was even posing for me to take pictures during the show, which I thought was pretty cool. And the even better part was that my friend paid for my ticket for a Christmas present, so I had the extra money to spend on dinner and drinks. Don't worry, I bought her some as well. :)


JR Moreau said...

Haggis? Isn't that an English meal cooked in a sheep's stomach? I'm sure the concert was great. What a name!

Thanks for the comment. I'm never giving up on grad school and the GRE's. I update more on my grad school efforts on It's a little less of a maintained blog, but some different conent (and a paid blogging platform!).

I'll be reapplying to schools for the Fall semester and see if I can get a popper financial aide offering. Whether I do it at my current job or have to leave, that is yet to be seen. We'll see. Hopefully your experience continues to go well!