Nov 22, 2008

Got a Nail in my Tire

Yesterday I drove more or less the whole way home with a flat tire (in a snow storm too! eeek). It was super low when I started my trip, and I didn't fill it because (yes, this is embarassing) I don't know how. So three and a half hours later, it was flat.

My dad filled it this morning, and then informed me that there's a nail in it. I panicked for a split second until he said I'd only need a patch, not a whole new tire... phew! This is another close call-- I have had some crazy luck when it comes to flat tires this year!


JR Moreau said...

***knock on wood*** I haven't gotten a flat tire since I bought my new car. I hate them so much. Stressful as hell! Glad to hear your tire will be okay though.

frugaldad said...

Quite a sinking feeling to get a flat. Not only is it traumatic at the time, you know a hit to the emergency fund is coming! Glad you dodged a bullet and got away with a patch. Drive safely!

FruGal said...


glad you don't need a replacement tire -- that will definitely save you quite a bit of money.

LOVE your blog name, BTW.