Jan 8, 2009

Eating Out

So I was reading savingdiva's blog this morning, and she mentioned something in a post about how she tries to only eat out at a restaurant once a week. This is a pretty good idea from my view, and I think I might have to borrow it! At school my biggest expense after the bills are paid is going out for meals-- even if it's just for a quick sandwich at Panera or something. Her idea seems like a great idea to both save money and stay healthy. So once I go back to school, my goal this month will be to only eat out once a week. This will be tough for me to implement, I'm sure, since I love going out to eat and I never want to miss out on fun when people invite me places. But limiting myself a little might have its benefits; we'll see. I also think that if I only eat out once a week, I'll choose a nicer restaurant over McDonald's or the coffee shop. Wish me luck!


JR Moreau said...

I think it is really fun trying to find good restaurants that are relatively cheap. I find the owners tend to be nice at such places too, which encourages continued patronage.

As your bro where the most authentic ALT restaurants are ;-)