Jan 28, 2009

New Laptop has arrived!

My new laptop came yesterday!! It's a little weird because it's basically the same model, just thinner, lighter, and with all the ports in different places. But it works, and it's fast, and it's lovely, so I'm really happy.

And, remember how I bought one for $845? Well, about two days later Dell sent me an email with a link to this HUGE SALE they were having. I called and very respectfully asked if I could get the discount, but I was shot down. Apparently they don't have any kind of price protection service at all. Now I wouldn't normally do this, but I cancelled my order and bought a brand new one for the sale price the next morning. I did feel like a bit of a jerk, but the computer on sale was even faster and better than the one I had first bought, and it was a whole $200 cheaper!!! So even though it might have been a spiteful move, I feel it was completely worth it.

The only sad thing is that since my EF is horribly depleted as of late, I took half of the money from my Travel Fund and half from my New Car Fund to pay for it. I updated the sidebars to reflect that.


The Executioner said...

The same thing happened to me with Dell several years ago. They told me at first that they would not lower the price, but I told them I would cancel my order and might (or might not) buy again at the sale price to take advantage of the discount.

Eventually they caved and gave me the discount anyway. It actually costs Dell more money to handle the cancelled order combined with the new order, instead of just taking care of a single order with a discount.

ashley said...

Oh, I didn't know it costed them more... now I feel even more like a jerk, haha.
I definitely need to learn to be more assertive on the phone. I tend to get walked all over by people on the phone because I never am quite sure how to respond when they tell me nothing can be done.

Canadian Saver said...

Enjoy the new laptop!!

I would have done the same thing for $200... that's a lot of money to save!

Cool Guy said...

My laptop is currently on it's last legs, so I am currently scouting for a new one before this one dies. I'm also dreading having to pay $800+ dollars for a new one, so I would have definitely done the same for $200 dollars...that's a lot of money.