Mar 22, 2009

A post of randomness

After a year of doing surveys for, I FINALLY have enough points to get a $10 check... woo-hoo? I must not qualify for any of the good surveys, since I only do about one or two a month and other people blog about getting checks from them much more often than once a year... I'm still grateful to get the ten bucks though.

Also, have I mentioned that I have my student loan balance under $16,000 now?! I'm making tiny steps, but I'm still super proud. :-)

On Wednesday I sign the lease for the new apartment! I'm completely excited, except for the fact that I have to pay $360 as a security deposit. Not sure how, but I kind of forgot about that part of signing leases. But it reminds me that I'll hopefully get $100 back in May from my current apartment!

I might do a cheap weekend in Pittsburgh next weekend, since my Monday class got canceled and I'll have a homework free weekend for once in my life.

I joined twitter today. I'm still not sure how that's going to work out, but so far it's still in the "yay new toy" stage. (and my blogging style today is influenced by it, apparently)


Dolly Iris said...

Enjoy your weekend off. Those are the best times to relax or catch up with friends!
Also, congrats on the new milestone with your student loans!

Frugalchick said...

I have never had great luck with MySurvey either--since I joined a couple of years ago, I've probably only netted $30-40.