Jan 10, 2010

2010 here I come!

So, I know my 2010 goals are fashionably late, but I have been creating this list for awhile now and it's just now finally finished. It is my honor to present my list of goals for 2010!

1. Pay student loan down to 14,500
This one is going to be SUPER hard, since I'm at 15,391 currently. I’ll have to scrape to find some money to go towards this.
2. Get EF up to $2,000 (and keep it there!)
Usually my EF fluctuates like crazy, but this time I really want to keep it steady.
3. Put $1,500 more into my Travel Fund

1. Travel to at least THREE new places
...and don't go in the red while doing it!!
2. Get a new tattoo
I’ve been hankering for a new tattoo for a long time, so this will be my year.
3. Read 35 books
I slacked off on my reading like crazy this year, and I want to get back into the habit.
4. Keep my relationship with the boy healthy and happy
I want to keep our relationship amazing way past the “honeymoon stage”.
5. Try out 20 new recipes
6. Only buy (and wear) clothes that I absolutely love
This can also be considered a financial goal, to avoid buying clothes that I don't feel great wearing (and therefore wasting my money).
7. Volunteer this summer.
This summer I'll have loads of extra time, and I want to be productive with that extra time.

1. Eat at least one fruit and vegetable per day
Something which I really do not do and need to start doing. 'Nuff said.
2. Start using organic body products
I have had pretty bad acne for years now, and I read before how some of the chemicals used in shampoos and body washes can aggravate acne. So this year I’m going to go all organic and natural when it comes to these products (lotion too!)

1. Put more effort into teaching
Teaching is not a favorite activity of mine, but I think maybe if I put more effort into it, I might like it more. We’ll see.
2. Attend my first conference
Hoping to get accepted into GLAC in Milwaukee this spring (which will also help me reach my traveling goal!)

And there we are. Wish me luck!


Serendipity said...

Good luck! I have a feeling your gonna rock this year!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!