Aug 19, 2010

My first cash-only month?

You know, after seeing the train wreck that was my annual credit card summary, I’m even more tempted to try a cash-only month. I have always thought about doing it, but lacked any kind of push. And plus… all that CHANGE. But really, having a credit card does make spending too easy. I mean, so what if I don’t have the money in my wallet right now, I have the money to pay the credit card bill somewhere in one of my bank accounts. But then my savings go backwards instead of doing their job! So I think in September I’m gonna try out my very first cash-only month! Have any of you guys done this before? Were you successful?


High Class, Low Income said...

I'm going to join you! I don't know if I've ever successfully had an ALL cash only month, but I'm going to try. With my new job and making less and school I really need to. Good luck! This might sound weird, but I think I'm also going to hide my cc's on this really high shelf in my closet. If somethings worth using a cc I'll have to get a chair or ladder to get them. lol

Serendipity said...

I'll also join you. For the whole month I've been taking my misc money out as cash and it's been such an eye opener. I was card swiping happy!