Aug 15, 2010

Trying for some extra income

Way back when, when I was kinda sorta seeing this South American guy, he gave me a whole big package of books and computer games to learn Spanish. And now... I'm selling it. Dude did me wrong and took away any desire I had to learn Spanish. I put an ad up on Craigslist this morning, with pretty pics and everything. I know it probably won't get as many bites as selling furniture would, but I'm still trying. Hopefully I can get at least a bit of cash from this, and get rid of extra crap at the same time! Ahhh, Craigslist really is a wonderful thing. :)

Oh, and if any of you guys want to learn Spanish, let me know... ;-)


High Class, Low Income said...

Haha good luck selling it! I'm all about getting rid of ex's gifts too! I have some things I'm going to try to sell soon too, like some fitness equipment and such. I'm going to try both CL and eBay

Serendipity said...

Good luck making the sell! I'm all about getting rid of ex's stuff too!