Dec 23, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping!

Next summer, I’ll be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s weddings, and the wedding is in LA. I've never been in a wedding before, so I'm really excited! We went bridesmaid dress shopping together yesterday, and I found a dress in under a half hour! We were limited by the fabric/color choices, also by the vast amount of ugly dresses. But we had it narrowed down to two good ones:

I LOVED the flower one, and was hoping she’d like it too. It's just so cute, and so me. But it was sort of awkward for a bit there, because I couldn’t tell which she liked better. She didn’t seem so sure about it, and I didn’t want to pressure her. Because, let's face it, her wedding day shouldn't be about me! But it was definitely the most flattering out of the ones I tried on. And thankfully in the car she was like “Oh I’m glad you picked the flower one, I didn’t really like the strapless one.” She apparently thought I liked the plain one better, so was trying not to pressure ME! Haha.

But- you'd better sit down for this one- sucker cost me $190!! I was expecting (for some reason) a dress to be about $125 or something like that. It’s not a huge problem, and I’m definitely glad I got the chance to pick my own dress style and all. I am just surprised once again by how much I underestimated the cost of something big. And I still have to buy shoes, get my hair done, etc. Eek!

Have you guys ever been in a wedding far away? I've never done it before, so how much should I estimate to spend on all of this? I don't want to underestimate again!


Dolly Iris said...

My best friend is getting married in Mexico three weeks after we return to Canada. Its not great timing but I really dont want to miss it. She is paying for my dress but I have to pay to go Mexico.

Normally I would be super stoked but I am broke and its just not the best time for me. In reality.. hey, she's my best friend and its her wedding. A week in Mexico.. cant really complain.

I should write a post about this. I mean I will have all inclusive but then spending money.. a gift.. weddings can be expensive.

I'm with you on this one. I'm lost. I normally avoid weddings.

ashley said...

Yeah, I am excited to go and I like weddings, but I must admit that the money-worrier in me is a little stressed! But at least it's not as far as Mexico! You'll have to keep us posted on your wedding costs too.

me in millions said...

Weddings are EXPENSIVE. Consider yourself lucky to get out with just $190 on the dress... hopefully you don't have to get it altered which can add another $50-$100 easily. I have a bunch of rants on my blog about it, but here are the things you should expect to pay for:

Hair/makeup (do your own if you can!)
Gift (for bridal shower and wedding)
Bachlorette Weekend
Bridal Shower (will you be asked to contribute?)

jasonfan said...

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