Dec 2, 2010

Charitable Christmas Giving :)

When I was a kid, my family always did one of those charity Christmas gifts for kids in need. We always really loved it and we would help my parents pick it out. I haven't ever done one on my own, but this year is my year! I got an "Angel" from the Salvation Army. I picked a 7 year old boy who wants either footed pajamas, Legos, or a Tonka RC car for his gift. I thought this was a good list cuz I can get any of these things, but it's turning into such a production! Some of the stuff is hard to find, and I'm so flipping indecisive that I can't narrow in on a gift. I wanted to get him a basic Lego building set, but what if he already has that set or something? Also what if he really needs PJs? Ack! And so, faithful readers, I turn to you.

If you were a 7 year old boy, what would you like best?


Girl Makes Cents said...

Legos are awesome for kids. Maybe one of those sets that he can build something but then also play with it. Like a bionicle or something. And perhaps some sillybands. They are all the rage among 7 year olds and very inexpensive too!

Dolly Iris said...

I was wondering reading ur last posts when you had time to have a 7 year old kid. Now I get it. What a great thing for you to do! Inspiring!