Aug 1, 2008

Roommates & Housing Rant

I found out who my roommates are for grad school last week, and since then we've all been emailing back and forth to see who has what stuff for the apartment. It's a grad student apartment through the university, so it's all furnished- we just have to bring things like kitchen & bathroom supplies, cleaning things, etc. So far it seems like between the four of us, we have everything covered and won't need to buy anything, which is good. They also seem pretty cool, so I'm excited to meet them.

The thing that's getting me is that I have to be at school on August 18th for, but the housing officer told me I cannot move in on that day (the lease doesn't start until Aug 23rd). She said my room won't be ready yet, and she told me to get a hotel for that night and move in the next morning- which in the town where my school is, is not cheap. But when emailing with my roommates, I found out the one girl is allowed to move in on the 18th! I called housing yesterday just to check that there wasn't any mixup, and they confirmed that she will be moving in, but I still cannot. I realize that there is someone living in my room now, and not in hers, and my room needs to be cleaned first. But seriously, I don't see how checking in late the night before is going to be any different from checking in first thing the next morning. Check-in goes until 10pm- who is going to be cleaning my room at ten at night? Plus even if my room isn't totally clean by then, it's going to be my apartment, why can't I just come check in that night and sleep on the couch or something? I don't mind leaving my things in the car until the morning. I just want to avoid spending $80 on one night in a motel, when my extra rent for the whole week is only $88!


Kasper said...

I just found your blog and can totally identify with you!! I've been there with the whole "you have to be here this day but can't check in until tomorrow" stupid universities.

Love the Blog!!

Dolly Iris said...

That sounds pretty ridonkulous to me too!! I don't think its at all fair that they make you spend the money for a hotel when you could stay some on the couch as you said.

Do you know another girl living there that you could bunk with for the night? Maybe one of your new roomies?

Kasper said...

Ashley, where did you get your "Money Goals" widget from? I love it!

United Writers of Imaginary Samoa said...

If you've paid for the month, tell them you're coming either way. You have rights. They really can't stop you from putting your stuff into the apartment and sleeping somewhere in the place. Sounds like something a Boston Realtor would try to pull!

..and yes, the money goal widget is really cool and I'd love to know more about it as well!