Aug 29, 2008

What a pleasant surprise!

Today I got paid for the month of September, and was pleasantly surprised! My stipend turns out to be about $1200 each month. That is $200 more than I was originally told, and more than I expected! Needless to say, I'm really really excited about this. It makes my budgeting go so much easier, and there *might* even be the possibility of extra cash to throw around. Yay!

And plus, I helped my professor out with some of her research this afternoon and got paid $20 bucks for it! I'm pratically raking in the dough now! :-P


Dolly Iris said...

$200 extra bucks? Thats awesome Ashley! Yay for extra money!!!

SavingDiva said...

WOW! I'm sure you'll find a way to use the extra $200/month ;)

JR Moreau said...

Can't knock the hustle!