Dec 2, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Well Christmas is coming up, and this holiday seems to be really tough for a lot of my fellow personal-finance bloggers. It's always frustrating trying to balance great gift giving with staying within a budget and feelings of frustration at the commercialization of it all with the urge to find that perfect present that the person will fall in love with.

I really love buying presents for my family and friends, even though I get annoyed at everything Christmas a lot of the time. So far I already found presents for my mom, dad, sister and brother, and spent about $110. I'm really excited about the gifts I got for them, and I think they're pretty creative. I would tell you guys what I bought, but somehow my sister found this blog even though I never told anyone about it, and figured out it was me! I only have a few more presents to get for some friends, and then I can avoid all the stores until after the holiday. I hope to spend no more than $300 total, but I think I'll definitely be under that.


JR Moreau said...

Funny how we both blogged about basically the same thing today :-)

I think creativity trumps cost for holiday season circa 2008.

The Executioner said...

My sister and I always gave each other gifts for our birthdays and Christmas each year. Last year we gave each other the best gift of all: freedom from the obligation of gift giving. We were both married and had other uses for our money. We made a promise to take the money we'd spend on gifts for each other and use it to buy gifts for ourselves instead, or our family members. So far it's worked out great!