Dec 29, 2008

The last year

2008 is almost over. Here's the part where I go: WOW! I can't believe this year is over already, it went so fast! Cliche's, but truth, at least from my perspective. It seems like I just got used to remembering to start putting 08 on my checks instead of 07. I reached all of my financial goals for this year awhile back, and I'm trying to cook up some good ones for 2009. In the meantime, I will serve you another cliche: a "memories" post. Some of my best memories and accomplishments (as well as some random stuff) from the last year include:

-i got (and later left) a new job
-accumulated a grand total of three new scars
-saw a soap lady
-discovered Lost in Paris
-got accepted into grad school
-bought the bassist of Lost in Paris a shot for his birthday
-ran in my first 5K race
-gambled in a casino
-visited a Polish shrine
-performed in my first bellydancing recital
-saw my grandfather for the first time in 15 years
-took a road trip to FL with my best friend
-swam in the Gulf of Mexico
-gave blood for the first time (and almost passed out in the process hehe)
-said goodbye to the place where I worked for the last seven years
-saved over $9,000!
-got something I always wanted :-)
-taught my first ever class!
-voted for Obama
-had 3 flat tires
-realized I am braver than I thought
-finally learned how to cook
-finished my first semester of grad school!!

hopefully next year is just as good (or even better!) :-)


The Executioner said...

What was it that you've always wanted?

ashley said...

Haha I was wondering if someone would ask... that's more on the romance side of things, so there's a reason I kept it a bit vague.