Dec 21, 2008

Philly Reunion

Yesterday I went down to Philly to have a little reunion with all my best friends from Millersville. First, we went to the Flyers game... best game I've seen in a long time. We scored SEVEN goals to the Caps' one, our goalie Nitty made some beautiful saves, and we had a fake hat trick and a real one. Plus it was good "old time hockey"-- there were about two fights a period. It was fun too because we sat in the very last row at the top... the nosebleed section for sure. But at least the tickets were only $45!

After the game we went over to Jacqui's beautiful new apartment (the view out the windows is gorgeous!) and just hung around all night. Our friend was coming home from his grad school in Montreal, so we went to pick him up at the train station around 2am, then picked up Jacqui's roommate in Center City. Can you say clown car? We had seven people stuffed into Jacqui's tiny Jetta... probably the most amusing car ride ever.

Basically, the whole day/night was a blast. Getting so have everyone together again was completely awesome-- it's so good to be around my real friends. Sorry, but my grad school friends just aren't even close to being that great.