Jun 23, 2009

Back home

Just so you know, Williamsburg is really awesome. I never realized how much there is to do down there though- too bad we only stayed two days. I still had a great time though, and got to see the two main parks that I wanted to. At Busch Gardens, we went on all the roller coasters, including the Griffon, the one with two 90 degree drops. I think that might be the perfect roller coaster- you totally feel like you're flying! We also saw the old colonial part of town, I learned a ton, and we ate at a really nice old-fashioned tavern that was open even back then. It was too cool. I want to decorate my house like some of the houses there- beautiful canopy beds with curtains, studded leather chairs, and they were definitely not afraid of bright beautiful color and patterns! The weather was great too, and I managed to keep my food/gas/souvenir expenses under 100 bucks like I wanted. Overall a great success!