Jun 7, 2009

I'm ready for my Check-up, Mr. DeMille

Well folks, the year's half over (how does it always go so fast?), so it's time for the dreaded check-up!

Goal 1. Learn to live within my grad student budget: It was super tough these last few months, but I did much better than the fall semester. And this one I think is going to be just fine! Next semester my rent expenses will be cut in half, so I’ll have a ton more money each month as a buffer.
Goal 2. Add an extra $1,000 to my Travel Fund: Well, so far I haven’t added any money at all. To make things worse, I took out a bunch of money to pay for my new laptop because my emergency fund was ridiculously low. Next semester I’m going to try to put more money in, but I’m not sure I can promise $1,000. Boo.
Goal 3. Bring my New Car Fund up to $3,000: Pretty much the same story as above, although I have managed to put some tiny savings into this one, about $125 in total. So, meh.
Goal 4. Refund my Emergency Fund: Our department gives us a summer stipend of $2,800 each year. We haven't gotten it yet, and this year they were hinting that it will be less. Apparently our department is running out of money just like everyone else. I hope it’s at least $2,000 though, because I intend to put that much towards my EF and flush it back out.

So... yeah. Basically, not much has been accomplished thus far when I really think about it. This kind of sucks. But I guess I can't really do much more than the best that I can. We'll see where I get.