Jun 15, 2009

Great Weekend :-)

The last few nights have been amazing... my summer is off to a great start! Thursday night I went to the No Doubt concert in Philly, which was insanely awesome. I've been in love with them since I first heard of them (back when I was in 6th grade... can you believe it?!), and it was pretty much a dream come true to see them live. My mom and I went, and we had tickets right up front in the pit, so I was literally about 30 ft away from Gwen Stefani!! Seriously the best concert of my life. The tickets were hella expensive, but my mom offered to cover mine too. I know I steer away from grown kids taking handouts from their parents, but it is nice to let her pick up the tab once in awhile.

Then, since one of my best friends from college is getting married in only 2 weeks, we had her bachelorette party on Saturday night. We all traveled out to to the Dub C to go bar hopping, and didn't even go to bed until the sun came up (haven't done that in years)! I was a little bit worried budget-wise, but I bought the first round of drinks for everyone and after that didn't pay for a single drink of my own. Sometimes that can be a nice system, as long as people don't all request expensive drinks! The party was awesome though, and I feel like the wedding is going to be just as cool and crazy (although minus the cross-dressing German we found in E's closet at 5am).


Serendipity said...

I love cross dressers! There akways a personal favorite of mind. :)