Jun 18, 2009

Tomorrow I’ll be in Virginia!

Remember how this summer is my summer of travel? Well I already went to Longwood Gardens last month and checked that place off my list (ps- I highly recommend it if you are in SE PA). This weekend I’m going down to Williamsburg, VA with a girlfriend from college. It’s awesome because I’ve been wanting to go down there since I was in high school, but never really got around to it before now. I’m also excited because the weather’s going to be great, it’s near the coast, and it’s in VA. Virginia just appeals to me for some reason, even if I’ve only been there once before.

As far as budget goes, I did some research about the parks (Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens), and the day tickets are super expensive. So I found a website that does vacation packages, and got us a pretty good deal! Two nights in a hotel right in the city center, parking permits for the parks, and bounce pass that will let us go multiple times to both parks (if we need it) for only $188 a person! I expect to spend only about $100 or so on food and gas on top of that, so overall my budget is under $300 for the weekend. Let’s see how it goes… can’t wait!


me in millions said...

Have a great time! Virginia is fabulous :)

Frugalchick said...

I have always wanted to go there and hope I can sometime in the next couple of years--have fun!