Apr 29, 2009

Menu Plan (ish)

Since I am moving out of my apartment next week, it's time for the mad use-up-all-my-food scramble to begin! I don't have a whole lot, especially when compared to how much food my roommates buy, but I still have a lot of things that need eating. It's almost like an experiment to see how I can incorporate what I have with minimal waste and also minimal additional purchases. So this is what I came up with--

Lunches: salad with hard boiled eggs, corn, and tomatoes, and I'm going to try to make a balsamic vinagarette dressing to use up some of the balsamic vinegar I have. When that runs out, I can some egg-salad sandwiches to use up bread. I also have a lot of fruit sitting around- kiwis, oranges, and blackberries.
Dinners: taco rice to use up the cans of beans and the extra rice I have. It should last me the whole week, since I have a lot. Also, some frozen broccoli as a side.

The BEST part of this menu plan is that I won't have to buy any new food during May (except maybe a bottle of juice), so I can use that money for something else! My idea is that I'll put it towards my student loan, sending them $250 this month. Yessss.


Ginger said...

I'd save the beans and rice for your new place since they don't go bad.

Focus on eating all the perishables first!

And don't forget you will want you new apartment stocked with a few essentials right away! I learned this from experience... I moved into my current place and realized I had no food, phone, or metro pass! I had to live off of one of those cheese & cracker snacks my roommate brought until the next day!

ashley said...

Yeah that's true, but I'm moving home (just for the summer), not into a new place. Some of the things I can take home, but others (like my frozen veggies and bread) won't make the trip.