Apr 13, 2009


My sister has vetoed the car idea, so I think maybe I'll just be keeping my regular car for now. She wants her own car, not something handed down to her, so if my parents can find her something cheap and reliable, she won't be getting mine.

I'm slightly bummed since it would be really great to have a new car, but it's also more practical to keep the Jeep. It gets really snowy here in the winters, and it's also handy to have a lot of room to carry my junk around in. I always seem to be switching apartments and moving back and forth between school and home.


The Executioner said...

Unless your Jeep is falling apart and costing you a bunch to keep it running, it makes sense for you to keep it. No need to take on new debt to buy a disposable item when you have one that is already serving you just fine.