Apr 18, 2009

Only one monthly payment of 99.99!!

I have decided that getting paid only once a month is lame. In what world does this make sense? Why would they do this to us? Yeah sure, at the beginning of the month you're rolling in it. The “just-got-paid” feeling lasts for weeks. Then, suddenly the glow wears off. You wake up one morning and you realize you have 12 days left in the month… and only $58 left in your bank account. And the worst part is that somehow, you have not learned anything from this, and are doomed to repeat the cycle month after month after month…


The Executioner said...

Do you create/use a budget?

I have a spreadsheet where I write down all of my known expenses for the next few months, and also insert my income (once per month). That way I can forecast the times when my bank account balance will be low. Of course I have to make small adjustments over time, as extra expenses come up, etc. But it's still very helpful.