Apr 5, 2009

Birthday Weekend Damage

Today is my birthday and I am now officially old (not that I wasn't old to begin with, but ... ugh). I had a bunch of friends come to visit for the weekend, which was really really fun. We went out to a bunch of cool bars and out to dinner (at possibly the coolest restaurant in State College- a place called the Green Bowl). Although I spent a considerable amount of money (most of it on alcohol--ugh), the damage isn't as bad as I thought. Here's a rough breakdown:
$30 bar covers & drinks
$5 late night pizza runs
$15 Green Bowl dinner
$10 breakfast this morning

Not so bad-- I've definitely spent much more than that in one weekend when friends came to visit before. It's tough having people for an entire weekend because you want to take them out and show them a good time, but not go out to eat for every meal and blow all your money. This weekend was good though, and I'm having a good bday so far too!


Sunflowers said...

Just wait til you hit 25... then you'll really feel old! (I do!) ;p

Happy birthday!

Frugalchick said...

Happy birthday!

And, yes, I agree it's always harder when company comes to visit--I always want to take them out and show them around the area, but that usually means dining out, entertainment costs, etc. I do think it's easier in the summer when you can take your guests to cheaper (or free) outdoors entertainment.

Needs Help said...

you're not old at all, i only wish i was still so young!

Dolly Iris said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I think you did a great job keeping the costs down and it sounds like you had a great time.